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Hailing from Pratt, KS, two dudes had a dream of something bigger in life. What started out as a pipe dream quickly became a reality as we dropped our lives and everything we owned to travel the world.

Our goal is to travel through all 50 states, by our own power and craftsmanship. We want to be the very first humans to walk through all 50 states on a documented, continuous journey, without cheating, taking a break, or any other form of ill-sportsmanship. While walking, we want to develop ourselves as humans - working on our music, skills, languages, and meditation. We plan to become the best version of ourselves while viewing the best sites in America. This dream of ours will be filmed and shared for the world to be inspired, and to follow us along on our journey.

What makes
us different?

Nothing! We want to show the world that anyone can follow their dreams and live life the way they want to. Our strongest belief and the core of our success is our mindset of "We'll figure it out." I'm fairly certain we've both said that line over 100 times since we've begun planning this journey, and I believe it will guide us through the toughest of times. We whole-heartedly believe we can complete this journey, and with the help of everyone around us, it'll make the task that much easier.

Buff Nerd

"Uhhh, hi guys - my name is Hogan Thompson, and I've lived in Pratt, Kansas my whole life. It's not the most exciting of things, and I've always felt the need for something more - a walk...? Sounds like a great idea! Uhm... I've always wanted to explore I guess. While travelling to Florida for NCA Nationals with my cheer team, I realized that vacations are awesome... and what if life could be a constant vacation? Of course it won't be that easy, but I mean, living on the road has got to be close enough - am I right? Oh, I also love theatre, wrestling, film, and mostly nerd stuff (I am currently learning piano) Singing and music in general are my go-to's when I want to express myself - and I want to spend this trip learning how to create on a deeper level."

Buff Weeb

"Heya, my name's Mythius Yeadon and I've been best friends with Hogan for the past year or so. My main hobbies revolve around k-pop, anime, fast cars, and music. This trip is a way for me to explore my surroundings, grow, and venture outside of working an every-day 9-5 and getting little to no time for myself. I've always liked the idea of living in a minimalistic manner and taking control of my life - just doing what I wanted to do. I finally stopped caring about the what ifs, got Hogan to join me, and here we are traveling the world. My overall goal for this trip is to inspire others to take control of their lives, spread awareness for healthy living, and to delve into what it really means to live life to the fullest."



Summer Y.

Mythius's Mom

“You guys are crazy, but I'll always support you”

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